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What We Do

There is no way 100% to stop defective products but you can reduce the risk to an acceptable level by using our inspection service especially with the huge batch. We provide services to support you in classifying the OK and NG materials separately. It will save you much the cost when processing RMA. It just needs to return the NG quantity instead of return the total batch.

Besides our major inspection service, we also open other services to fulfill our customers' demand such as Production line operating, FAE Services.

Inspection Services

This operation is used when your batch got defective parts. It is normally happening in urgent and must solve in a short time to prevent stop the production line. Our service will help you fast support to fulfill customers' requirements.

The major task:

  • Inspection of the quantity of defective batch

  • Sorting the OK and NG separately

  • Checking if the NG parts are reworkable

  • Make inspection report

Production Line Operating

Instead of you operate the production line, we can do it for you. We will manage and operate all processes and report to you daily. It will save your time and cost since no need to handle the recruitment, worker management, etc

  • Arrange workers in a production line.

  • Control production quality

  • Make daily report

FAE Services

In order to satisfy customers, an experienced Engineer who does onsite support on the customer's side is a good way to go. It is very effective in case of doing verification, failure analyzing the quality issue root cause.

If you need one FAE or Business Service staff, feel free to contact us.