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In recent 10 years, there were many Giant companies moving to set up factories in Vietnam such as Canon, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, … The trend is increasing time by time. Go with this, there are many foreign suppliers supplying goods for them. When providing a huge quantity, the quality assurance matter is becoming one of the most important for suppliers to deal with. The defective batch occurs frequently. It needs a solution for this matter.

NAM TRIEU Trading and Technology was established in 2010 with the purpose to support quality control. Inspecting the defective batch is one way to solve it. That is the initial step for our business to run.

Over many years operating in this field, we focused on service for Electronic parts Inspection. As a result, with our experience and knowledge about the industrial working environment, working processes, and understanding customers’ demand, we are becoming the most trusted Third Party in the North of Vietnam.

Our Mission:

  • Supply the best Quality inspection service for customers.

  • Be a trusted partner, a trusted companion.

Core value:

  • Fast support

  • Simplifying

  • High efficiency

  • Affordable cost

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