The Quality Inspection Service 3rd Party

We provide the Quality Inspection Service

primarily in the Electronic industrial field in Vietnam

especial of Incoming Electronic Parts

Special for Quality Inspection Service of Electronic Incoming Parts in Vietnam | Samsung | Canon | Panasonic | LG, ... Area: Bac Ninh - Bac Giang | Thai Nguyen | Hanoi | Hai Phong, ...

Quality Inspection Service Works Through Focus

We focus on the Electronic industry, inspecting the Incoming Parts in Mobile, Network, Home, and Office Appliances, Automotive assembly.

Because we focus, we gained knowledge and experience about the industrial working environment, working processes, and components.

It is an essential and important thing to bring a productivity and efficiency result, The Quality work.

Quality Inspection Service is a Solutions to satisfy your customers

There is no way 100% to stop defective products, but you can satisfy your customers with fast solving action.

We are here to support you in case inspection needed.

  • On-site inspections within 48 hours.

  • High skilled and experienced operators

  • Deliver Daily Inspection Report within 24hours

Inspection, Sorting, Testing

Production Line Operating

Experience Engineer support

Network Part

PCB, Wifi device, …

Mobile Part

LCD, TSP, PCB, BackGlass, Charger, Camera, …

Electronic Part

PCB, Active and Passive components.

Mechanical Part

Metal Part, Plastic Part, FPC, FFC, Connectors, Cables etc.

Home Appliance part

LCD & LED TV, Monitor, Projector, …

Other Parts

Touch Panel, Battery, Keyboard, Remote Control, Speaker, Motors etc